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Dateien Rename in deutsch Dateien Rename in deutsch

If you e.g. have transferred pictures from your camera to the computer, the pictures become a cryptic name on the harddisc. Now you can rename these files individually and you can see in the file name what you can be seen on these photos. That's when a larger count of files quite tedious. So I thought about how you can automate this process. Here is my solution to this problem, rename the program file Datei Rename

Ansicht Datei Rename Programmfenster
Datei Rename program file view window

Program features

This program renames all the search criteria appropriate files in a directory (possibly including the subdirectories) to. When you start the program it is possible to pass a directory as a startup parameter. This directory is copied into the directory field to be processed.

In the File name box, the search string to rename the files to be entered. * The default setting is enabled, all files with the extension set found and renamed. It is possible to specify via any file extensions you specify in the box to the required extension is an easy extension. All cards are allowed in the file search. (Example: filename = IMAGE * 1 * - finds IMAGES 123.Extension; BilDer1D.Extension; bildungsreise1001.Extension, ...)

The Destination file name is automatically preset with the name of the directory currently being processed. The entry of a freely chosen name is possible, if the options are disabled for the automatic renaming them after the directory name.

New in version 1.2 is the ability to automatically fill the starting index of leading zeros to make (eg more than 100 files in = 001). Select this feature to simply fill the field 0th.


The following preparations are necessary:

Integration in the context menu of a folder

The following is the procedure for integrating the program Datei Rename in the context menu of a folder.
Effective immediately, the program can directly from the context menu of a folder are started.


Datei Rename
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Dateien Rename in deutsch Dateien Rename in deutsch