MP3 Tag V2.X

Im folgenden findet sich eine Liste der Bestandteile des MP3 Tag V2.X...

AENC - Audio encryption

<Header ID:AENC>
Owner identifier <text string> $00
Preview start $xx xx
Preview length $xx xx
Encryption info <binary data>

APIC - Attached picture

<Header ID:APIC>
Text encoding xx
MIME type text string> $00
Picture type xx
Description text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Picture data binary data>
Picture type:
$00 Other
$01 32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
$02 Other file icon
$03 Cover (front)
$04 Cover (back)
$05 Leaflet page
$06 Media (z.B. label side of CD)
$07 Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
$08 Artist/performer
$09 Conductor
$0A Band/Orchestra
$0B Composer
$0C Lyricist/text writer
$0D Recording Location
$0E During recording
$0F During performance
$10 Move/video screen capture
$11 A bright coloured fish
$12 Illustration
$13 Band/artist logotype
$14 Publisher/Studio logotype

ASPI - Audio seek point index

<Header ID:ASPI>
Indexed data start (S) $xx xx xx xx
Indexed data length (L) $xx xx xx xx
Number of index points (N) $xx xx
Bits per index point (b) $xx
Indexed data start - Byte Offset vom Dateianfang
Indexed data length - Byte Länge der indizierten Audiodaten
Number of index points - Anzahl der index points
Bits per index point - 8 oder 16, bestimmt die Genauigkeit (8 bit bis max. 5 min; 16 bit für längere Dateien)
Für jeden Index sind folgende Daten enthalten:
Fraction at index (Fi) $xx (xx)
Fi = Oi/L * 2^b (fraction at index i (Fi); gerundet auf die nächste ganze Zahl)
Oi = (Fi/2^b)*L (offset at index i (Oi); gerundet auf die nächste ganze Zahl)

COMM - Comments

<Header ID:COMM>
Text encoding $xx
Language $xx xx xx
Short content descrip. <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
The actual text <full text string according to encoding>

COMR - Commercial frame

$00 Other
$01 Standard CD album with other songs
$02 Compressed audio on CD
$03 File over the Internet
$04 Stream over the Internet
$05 As note sheets
$06 As note sheets in a book with other sheets
$07 Music on other media
$08 Non-musical merchandise

<Header ID:COMR>
Text encoding $xx
Price string <text string> $00
Valid until <text string>
Contact URL <text string> $00
Received as $xx
Name of seller <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Description <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Picture MIME type <string> $00
Seller logo <binary data>

ENCR - Encryption method registration

<Header ID:ENCR>
Owner identifier <text string> $00
Method symbol $xx
Encryption data <binary data>

EQU2 - Equalisation (2)

<Header ID: "EQU2>
Interpolation method $xx
Identification <text string> $00
Interpolation method:
$00 Band
$01 Linear
Frequency $xx xx
Volume adjustment $xx xx

EQUA - Equalization

- ersetzt durch EQU2 - Equalisation (2)

ETCO - Event timing codes

<Header ID:ETCO>
Time stamp format $xx
Time stamp format:
$01 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using MPEG [MPEG] frames as unit
$02 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using milliseconds as unit
Events format:
Type of event $xx
Time stamp $xx (xx ...)
Time stamp bezogen auf den Beginn des Sounds oder zum vorhergehenden Event; Events MÜSSEN chronologisch sortiert werden
Type of event:
$00 padding (has no meaning)
$01 end of initial silence
$02 intro start
$03 main part start
$04 outro start
$05 outro end
$06 verse start
$07 refrain start
$08 interlude start
$09 theme start
$0A variation start
$0B key change
$0C time change
$0D momentary unwanted noise (Snap, Crackle & Pop)
$0E sustained noise
$0F sustained noise end
$10 intro end
$11 main part end
$12 verse end
$13 refrain end
$14 theme end
$15 profanity
$16 profanity end
$17-$DF reserved for future use
$E0-$EF not predefined synch 0-F
$F0-$FC reserved for future use
$FD audio end (start of silence)
$FE audio file ends
$FF one more byte of events follows (all the following bytes with the value $FF have the same function)

GEOB - General encapsulated object

<Header ID:GEOB>
Text encoding $xx
MIME type <text string> $00
Filename text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Content description text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Encapsulated object binary data>

GRID - Group identification registration

<Header ID:GRID>
Owner identifier <text string> $00
Group symbol $xx
Group dependent data <binary data>

IPLS - Involved people list

- ersetzt durch TMCL - Musician credits list und TIPL - Involved people list

LINK - Linked information

<Header ID:LINK>
Frame identifier $xx xx xx xx
URL <text string> $00
ID and additional data <text string(s)>

MCDI - Music CD identifier

<Header ID:MCDI>
CD TOC <binary data>

MLLT - MPEG location lookup table

<Header ID:MLLT>
MPEG frames between reference $xx xx
Bytes between reference $xx xx xx
Milliseconds between reference $xx xx xx
Bits for bytes deviation $xx
Bits for milliseconds dev. $xx
für jede reference sind folgende Daten enthalten:
Deviation in bytes %xxx
Deviation in milliseconds %xxx

OWNE - Ownership frame

<Header ID:OWNE>
Text encoding $xx
Price paid <text string> $00
Date of purch. <text string>
Seller <text string according to encoding>

PCNT - Play counter

<Header ID:PCNT>
Counter $xx xx xx xx (xx ...)

POPM - Popularimeter

<Header ID:POPM>
Email to user <text string> $00
Rating $xx
Counter $xx xx xx xx (xx ...)

POSS - Position synchronisation frame

<Header ID: "POSS>
Time stamp format $xx
Position $xx (xx ...)
Time stamp format:
$01 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using MPEG frames as unit
$02 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using milliseconds as unit

PRIV - Private frame

<Header ID:PRIV>
Owner identifier <text string> $00
The private data <binary data>

RBUF - Recommended buffer size

<Header ID:RBUF>
Buffer size $xx xx xx
Embedded info flag %0000000x
Offset to next tag $xx xx xx xx

RVA2 - Relative volume adjustment (2)

<Header ID:RVA2>
Identification <text string> $00
Type of channel $xx
Volume adjustment $xx xx
Bits representing peak $xx
Peak volume $xx (xx ...)
Type of channel:
$00  Other
$01  Master volume
$02  Front right
$03  Front left
$04  Back right
$05  Back left
$06  Front centre
$07  Back centre
$08  Subwoofer

RVAD - Relative volume adjustment

- ersetzt durch RVA2 - Relative volume adjustment (2)

RVRB - Reverb

<Header ID:RVRB>
Reverb left (ms) $xx xx
Reverb right (ms) $xx xx
Reverb bounces, left $xx
Reverb bounces, right $xx
Reverb feedback, left to left $xx
Reverb feedback, left to right $xx
Reverb feedback, right to right $xx
Reverb feedback, right to left $xx
Premix left to right $xx
Premix right to left $xx

SEEK - Seek frame

<Header ID:SEEK>
Minimum offset to next tag $xx xx xx xx

SIGN - Signature frame

<Header ID:SIGN>
Group symbol $xx
Signature <binary data>

SYLT - Synchronised lyrics/text

<Header ID:SYLT>
Text encoding $xx
Language $xx xx xx
Time stamp format $xx
Content type $xx
Content descriptor <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Content type:
$00 other
$01 lyrics
$02 text transcription
$03 movement/part name
$04 events
$05 chord
$06 trivia/pop up information
$07 URLs to webpages
$08 URLs to images
Time stamp format:
$01 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using MPEG [MPEG] frames as unit
$02 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using milliseconds as unit
Jede Silbe ist ein mit NULL beendeter String; darauf folgt ein Zeitstempel:
Terminated text to be synced (typically a syllable)
Sync identifier (terminator to above string) $00 (00)
Time stamp $xx (xx ...)

SYTC - Synchronised tempo codes

<Header ID:SYTC>
Time stamp format $xx
Tempo data <binary data>
Time stamp format:
$01 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using MPEG [MPEG] frames as unit
$02 Absolute time, 32 bit sized, using milliseconds as unit
tempo data:
$FF one more byte follows (added to the first giving a range from 2 - 510 BPM)
$00 beat-free time period (not music-free time period)
$01 one single beat-stroke followed by a beat-free period

T000 bis TXXX - Text information frames

allgemeiner Aufbau:
<Header ID:T000" - "TZZZ", excluding "TXXX"
Text encoding $xx
Information <text string(s) according to encoding>

TALB - Album/Movie/Show title

Herkunft Album/Movie/Show title


Anzahl der BPM im Hauptteil der Audiodatei

TCOM - Composer

Name des Komponisten

TCON - Content type


TCOP - Copyright message

Copyright Besitzer des Originals

TDAT - Date

- ersetzt durch TDRC - Recording time

TDEN - Encoding time

Timestamp der Encodierung

TDLY - Playlist delay

Milliseconds Pause vor dem Abspielen (z.B. 0 - continuous play)

TDOR - Original release time

Timestamp der Freigabe

TDRC - Recording time

Timestamp der Aufnahme

TDRL - Release time

Timestamp der ersten Freigabe

TDTG - Tagging time

Timestamp der Tag Erstellung

TENC - Encoded by

Person oder Organisation welche das File encoded hat eventuell Copyright Message wenn durch den Encoder

TEXT - Lyricist/Text writer

Schreiber des Textes oder Lyrics

TFLT - File type

Wenn nicht vorhanden audio type = "MPG"
MIME MIME type follows
/1 MPEG 1/2 layer I
/2 MPEG 1/2 layer II
/3 MPEG 1/2 layer III
/2.5 MPEG 2.5
/AAC Advanced audio compression
VQF Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantisation
PCM Pulse Code Modulated audio

TIME - Time

- ersetzt durch TDRC - Recording time

TIPL - Involved people list

Ähnlich der TMCL - Musician Credits List

TIT1 - Content group description

Kategorie der Musik (z.B. "Klavier Konzert")

TIT2 - Title/Songname/Content description

Name des Stücks (z.B. "Adagio")

TIT3 - Subtitle/Description refinement

Untertitel (z.B. "Opus II")

TKEY - Initial key

Notenschlüssel max. 3 Zeichen

TLAN - Language

Sprache (z.B. "eng")

TLEN - Length

Länge in Millisekunden

TMCL - Musician credits list

Musiker Komma getrennt

TMED - Media type

DIG Other digital media
/A Analogue transfer from media
ANA Other analogue media
/WAC Wax cylinder
/8CA 8-track tape cassette
/A Analogue transfer from media
LD Laserdisc
TT Turntable records
/33 33.33 rpm
/45 45 rpm
/71 71.29 rpm
/76 76.59 rpm
/78 78.26 rpm
/80 80 rpm
MD MiniDisc
/A Analogue transfer from media
/A Analogue transfer from media
/1 standard, 48 kHz/16 bits, linear
/2 mode 2, 32 kHz/16 bits, linear
/3 mode 3, 32 kHz/12 bits, non-linear, low speed
/4 mode 4, 32 kHz/12 bits, 4 channels
/5 mode 5, 44.1 kHz/16 bits, linear
/6 mode 6, 44.1 kHz/16 bits, 'wide track' play
/A Analogue transfer from media
/A Analogue transfer from media
TV Television
VID Video
RAD Radio
TEL Telephone
MC MC (normal cassette)
/4 4.75 cm/s (normal speed for a two sided cassette)
/9 9.5 cm/s
/I Type I cassette (ferric/normal)
/II Type II cassette (chrome)
/III Type III cassette (ferric chrome)
/IV Type IV cassette (metal)
REE Reel
/9 9.5 cm/s
/19 19 cm/s
/38 38 cm/s
/76 76 cm/s
/I Type I cassette (ferric/normal)
/II Type II cassette (chrome)
/III Type III cassette (ferric chrome)
/IV Type IV cassette (metal)

TMOO - Mood

Stimmung (z.B. "Romantisch")

TOAL - Original album/movie/show title

Title der Original Aufnahme

TOFN - Original filename

Original Dateiname

TOLY - Original lyricist/text writer

Texter der Original Aufnahme

TOPE - Original artist/performer

Künstler der Original Aufnahme

TORY - Original release year

- ersetzt durch TDOR - Original release time

TOWN - File owner/licensee

Eigentümer der Lizenz

TPE1 - Lead artist/Lead performer/Soloist/Performing group

Lead Sänger, Solist, Gruppe

TPE2 - Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment

Band, Orchester, Begleitung

TPE3 - Conductor


TPE4 - Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by

Personen hinter der Bearbeitung eines existierenden Musikstücks

TPOS - Part of a set

Albumteil (z.B. Doppel-CD "1/2")

TPRO - Produced notice

Produktions Copyright

TPUB - Publisher


TRCK - Track number/Position in set

Aktuelle Nummer/von Album gesamt (z.B. "4/9")

TRDA - Recording dates

- ersetzt durch TDRC - Recording time

TRSN - Internet radio station name

von welcher Internet Radio Station gestreamt

TRSO - Internet radio station owner

Eigentümer der Internet Radio Station

TSIZ - Size


TSOA - Album sort order

Sortierung anstelle von TALB

TSOP - Performer sort order

Sortierung anstelle von TPE2

TSOT - Title sort order

Sortierung anstelle von TIT2

TSRC - International Standard Recording Code [ISRC]

International Standard Recording Code [ISRC] (12 Zeichen)

TSSE - Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding

Benutzter Audio Encoder incl. Settings während der Encodierung

TSST - Set subtitle


TXXX - User defined text information frame

Benutzer definierte Informationen
<Header ID:TXXX>
Text encoding $xx
Description <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Value <text string according to encoding>

TYER - Year

- ersetzt durch TDRC - Recording time

UFID - Unique file identifier

Identifiziert das Audio File in der Datenbank
<Header ID:UFID>
Owner identifier <text string> $00
Identifier <up to 64 bytes binary data>

USER - Terms of use frame

Kurzbeschreibung der Nutzungs- und Eigentumsrechte
<Header ID:USER>
Text encoding $xx
Language $xx xx xx
The actual text <text string according to encoding>

USLT - Unsynchronised lyrics/text transcription

<Header ID:USLT>
Text encoding $xx
Language $xx xx xx
Content descriptor <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Lyrics/text <full text string according to encoding>

W000 bis WZZZ - URL link frames

Allgemeiner Aufbau:
<Header ID:"W000" - "WZZZ", excluding "WXXX"
URL <text string>

WCOM - Commercial information

URL zu Informationen wo das Album gekauft werden kann

WCOP - Copyright/Legal information

URL zu den Copyright Informationen

WOAF - Official audio file webpage

URL zu offizieller Audiofile Homepage

WOAR - Official artist/performer webpage

URL zu offizieller Künstler Homepage

WOAS - Official audio source webpage

URL zu offizieller Audio Quellen Homepage

WORS - Official Internet radio station homepage

URL zu offizieller Internet Radio Station Homepage

WPAY - Payment

URL zur Kaufseite für die Audiodatei

WPUB - Publishers official webpage

URL zur Verleger Homepage

WXXX - User defined URL link frame

<Header ID:WXXX>
Text encoding $xx
Description <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
URL <text string>