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The question was what software can be developed today, which does not exist somewhere. A colleague brought me then in a chat at the idea. Here is the result ... CompressIT this software compresses the selected files and then optionally delete the files from the harddisk. Windows now supports quite some time creating and searching in ZIP files. Even in this day and age with TB disk capacity in the sector a good use of available disk space is still an issue. So why not to save disk space all not in the last time changed files simply store in a zip archive?

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Program functions

The program CompressIT created one or more compressed Zip file(s) with all the files defined by a search criteria.

CompressIT program window
View CompressIT program window

Advanced Settings

Create single ZIP-files

On this tab it is possible to choose whether or not each write the matching files in a single ZIP archive or to prepare for each Searchable list archive is a separate directory.

Include Subdirectories

If this option is enabled all the subdirectories and files are included in the search.

Cleanup after compression

The program provides after the creation of the compressed archive, delete all in the archive written files from the harddisk. The Windows Recycle Bin can be used if this hook is removed, the files will are permanently deleted. After this cleanup of the files can also be deleted by this action resulting empty directories.

Split archive

If the option "Split archive" is selected the ZIP archive will divided into several packets with a predetermined size. This option is required if the files in the archive reaches a size over 4 GB.

Path informations

With path informations you can define whether the program write file structure into the zipfiles.

File change options

About the file data can be controlled from what age a file is written into the archive. The file dates are different by modification date (the date of the last write processing of the file), creation date (the date of the initial establishment of the file), and last access (access is already changed if the file is displayed in explorer).


The following preparations are necessary:

Commandline parameter

The program supports the following command line parameters...
/? oder /help
Gets this help on the command line parameters to
Date of last access (Details put in File access times)
full path information
Delete files after compression (Parameter Y/N)
Date of file creation (Details put in File access times)
Delete empty directories (Parameter Y/N)
File modification date (Details put in File access times)
Filename to be created ZIP archive
Recycle Bin use (Parameter Y/N)
Autoquit optional
relative paths
File search string (Wildcards are supported)
Split archive (Parameter size of the archive files)
Include subdirectories (Parameter Y/N)
to Searchable Directory
destination directory (Parameter Directory Name/Single/Folder)
File access times ('/<Type of date>:<Period D=Day; M=Month; Y=Year><Value>')
/A:D1 - Defines the date of last access to the files to be compressed at minus one day.
/E:M2 - Defines the creation date for the files to be compressed at minus two months.
/M:Y3 - Defines the date of the last write access to the files to be compressed at minus three years.

Multi-language support

Please help for translation into other languages!

The program CompressIT is currently available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The program may be presented in many languages. For this CompressIT used external language files (*. lng). On start the program check if a language file existing in the program directory this is used.
By creating new language files at any time, new languages are added to the program CompressIT. Everyone is free to users, improve existing language file, or create new files for other languages.
I appreciate any other language, translated into the program and will ask these CompressIT translation file like with authors' names on my website ready for download. The reference material, the present language file used in English. Please contact me before making a speech file by email, to avoid potential overlaps. Even with questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.


CompressIT download

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CompressIT in deutsch CompressIT in deutsch
CompressIT en español CompressIT en español
CompressIT en français CompressIT en français
CompressIT in italiano CompressIT in italiano
CompressIT по русский CompressIT по русский